Rolduc Abbey

The Orlando Festival has been located at Rolduc since 1982. This unique venue contributes greatly to the unique Orlando experience.

The building breathes 900 years of history, which is immediately perceptible when you enter the impressive courtyard. The collection of buildings, gardens and courtyards has a total acreage of 8,5 hectares, whilst the whole property, including a vineyard, totals 35 hectares.


Rolduc is one of the most important monuments in the Netherlands. Rolduc is the largest abbey complex of the Benelux and one of the Dutch UNESCO Top 100 monuments.

In the history of the abbey five periods can be distinguished:

  • 1st Rolduc (1104-1796): Abbey
  • 2nd Rolduc (1831-1840): Seminary diocese of Liège
  • 3rd Rolduc (1843-1946): renowned boarding school nationally and internationally
  • 4th Rolduc (1946-1971): Seminary diocese of Roermond
  • 5th Rolduc (1970-present): major seminary of the diocese of Roermond (since 1974) and conference center Rolduc

The seminary is still part of the abbey complex.

The surrounding area

Rolduc Abbey is situated in the south of the beautiful Dutch Province of Limburg, directly at the German border and only a short distance away from Belgium. The cities of Maastricht, Heerlen, Aken en Valkenburg are nearby.

The region offers many tourist attractions, festivals, events and sights. Not far from the abbey you can discover beautiful nature reserves, by foot or by bicycle. You can download several cycling tours via Visit Zuid-Limburg or

Rolduc abbey during the Orlando Festival

The complex consists of 160 hotel rooms, divided in two types of rooms: 2-star economy rooms with a shared communal bathroom and 3-star comfort rooms with bathroom, telephone and flat screen TV. Additionally there are over 20 halls, which are used as rehearsal spaces and concert halls (with pianos and grand pianos).

In the Aula Major and the Aula Minor daily concerts will be given. There is also an evening concert in the historic abbey church.

In the large dining hall all participants, visitors and musicians have their shared meals, buffet style .

Rolduc has different types of rooms

Comfort rooms (main building)
These are comfortable hotel rooms (3-star) with private bathroom (shower or bath & toilet), bedroom, flat screen TV, telephone and free Wi-Fi.

Comfort rooms (Hoeve Zuid)
A couple of comfort rooms are situated in the former farmhouse “Hoeve Zuid”, next to the main building. These rooms have the same facilities as the comfort rooms in the main building: comfortable hotel rooms (3-star) with private bathroom (shower & toilet), bedroom, flat screen TV, telephone and free Wi-Fi.

Economy rooms
Very plain but fine rooms (2-star) with bedroom, sink and/or shower, free Wi-Fi and a shared bathroom on the floor.

Frequently asked questions


An elevator is present


Free car park is available


Rolduc does not have specific disabled facilities. If you are a wheelchair user or otherwise need additional facilities, please contact us via and we will discuss together what is possible.


There is free WiFi throughout the complex.

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