PRESS STATEMENT Orlando Festival

Limburg loses Orlando Festival

PRESS STATEMENT from the Supervisory Board of the Limburg Chamber Music Foundation (Stichting Kamermuziek Limburg)

Kerkrade, September 12 2022



Limburg loses Orlando Festival

To its regret, the Supervisory Board of the Limburg Chamber Music Foundation (SKL) sees no possibility in the current circumstances to continue the annual Orlando Festival in Limburg, despite the generous support of the municipality of Kerkrade. The reason lies in a combination of factors: the complete disappearance of provincial subsidies from 2023 on; over-reliance on and uncertainty about incidental contributions from funds; increasing prices for concert facilities that do not keep pace with available resources; disappointing visitor numbers due to the aftermath of the covid period, which jeopardizes the realization of budgeted receipts.

All this makes a balanced festival budget out of sight. The exploitation risks are too great, which is why the Supervisory Board of SKL had decided to end the Orlando Festival in Limburg, after 40 special editions. With that, the curtain falls for the larges provider of chamber music concerts in the province, which loses a festival of more than national appeal.

The Supervisory Board would like to thank the loyal Friends and the enthusiastic audience, and in particular all the musicians who have performed the many works from the extensive chamber music repertoire with verve and great commitment all these years. They have accompanied many young, international musical talents on their way to the concert stages at home and abroad and have devoted themselves with heart and soul to the education of amateurs of all ages. With their professionalism and high artistic level they ensured the name and fame of the Orlando Festival.



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