Orlando Festival

This year the 39th edition of the Orlando Festival will take place from 12 – 22 August 2021.

This international chamber music festival, the oldest and biggest in the Netherlands, is open to music lovers of all ages, from amateur to professional. The heart of the festival lies at the former abbey Rolduc in Kerkade, in the south of the Netherlands. This is where several festival activities take place, such as the music lessons, master classes, workshops, lectures and concerts. The special formula of the festival – the high quality of the international ensembles and musicians, the beautiful festival location, the surprising music programme and the high accessibility of the festival for (amateur) musicians and visitors of all ages – makes the Orlando Festival one of a kind and appealing for many people. Professionals, amateurs, adults and youths who all share a passion for music come together at Orlando. Visit us and get enchanted by the wonderful music, chiming through the old cloisters, meet new people and be inspired! Or go to one of the Orlando concerts in the (Eu)region. All concerts are performed by top musicians and upcoming new talent, who will remind you of the power and sheer beauty of chamber music.


The Orlando Festival is the oldest chamber music festival in the Netherlands and has been an important contributor to the development and promotion of chamber music in the Netherlands since 1982. The festival was founded by Stefan Metz, cellist of the Orlando Quartet. Since then the Orlando Festival has built a great international reputation and has a unique position as the only big chamber music festival in the south-east Netherlands. Varying groups of chamber musicians and a broad audience are brought together in a welcoming festival atmosphere. The festival also cooperates with (Eu)regional music schools, the Conservatory Maastricht, the Prinses Christina Competition, Foundation Jong voor Oud and the numerous venues in Limburg where the Orlando Festival manifests itself.


The mission of foundation behind the Orlando Festival is to promote chamber music in the broadest sense of the word. To achieve this goal in the summer the Orlando Festival takes place and in the winter the Orlando Ensemble Course is organised for local amateurs.

The festival has a great variety in visitors and participants: amateur musicians from all levels of proficiency and of all ages, varying from 18 until 88, students, professional chamber music ensembles, singers, professionals and visitors. The concerts, master classes, lectures and workshops attract an audience from the whole of the Netherlands and Europe. During this unique festival – this unique music holiday – chamber music enthusiasts meet each other, listen to concerts together and learn from each other.

The Orlando Festival contributes greatly to the musical field in the Netherlands by way of talent development, amateur ensemble playing and chamber music in general.

The main festival location, Rolduc Abbey in Kerkrade is perfectly suited for the festival. Not only its surroundings and geographical setting (being close to the border of Germany as well as Belgium), it is the ancient abbey walls and gardens that make this a truly inspiring place to be. Rolduc has over 150 hotel rooms, more than 30 rehearsal spaces and 2 concert venues.

(National) Radio stations broadcast the concerts of the festival on Dutch Radio (live) from Rolduc and other venues.

Students and amateur ensembles can enlist in the festival to participate. They receive lessons from our musicians and have an opportunity to perform.

The Orlando Festival is also the perfect music holiday for all those who love chamber music and wants to do something different that lie on a beach. The beautiful abbey with comfortable hotel rooms, the music which flows from each open window into the garden will make this a holiday you will not soon forget.

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