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Loksias Quartet

Loksias Quartet
Phoebe Rousochatzaki violin
Andrei Nastasa violin
Alejandro Rodríguez viola
Martin Alvarez violoncello

The Loksias Quartet, created in 2021, is committed to the continuation of the string quartet performance. Under the guidance of Janet Krause and having received coaching from Arnau Tomàs and Jonathan Brown from the Casals Quartet, they have started their career pursuing quality in sound and the essence in music without missing the technical accuracy required by this ensemble. This young formation has already performed in the Pulchri Studio, the Chamber Music Festival in Den Haag, the Delft Fringe Festival and the 2022 edition of Orlando Festival in Kerkrade.


Concerts during Orlando Festival 2022:
– August 14 Region concert Salviuschurch Limbricht
– August 16 Region concert Flexiforum Kerkrade
– August 16 Region concert SMK Room 1 Kerkrade
– August 18 Region concert ‘t Wouves Ransdaal
– August 19 Afternoon concert Theater Kerkrade

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