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Duo Ossianis

Duo Ossianis
Oxana Thijssen harp
Kasper Schonewille piano

Duo Ossianis consists of harpist Oxana Thijssen and pianist Kasper Schonewille, they have formed a duo since 2014, making them the only permanent duo in the Netherlands to play in this line-up. They strive for the rediscovery of forgotten and original duo works for harp and piano. Both musicians recently graduated cum laude for their individual master’s degrees in Salzburg and Düsseldorf respectively.

Oxana an d Kasper have successfully proven themselves several times as soloists, have each achieved successful awards and also want to show their audience together what this special combination has to offer. Their emphasis is on the early romantic period, the time when this chamber music ensemble reached its peak.

In addition to Romantic works, the duo also focuses on the modern/contemporary repertoire. In 2015, for example, they collaborated with the composer Wim Zwaag, who wrote a composition especially for them. In 2019 they worked with the composer Paul Patterson, whose composition Fantasia they played for the first time in the line-up for harp and piano.

The duo was coached with great enthusiasm by, among others, Erika Waardenburg, Jeroen Riemsdijk, Henk Guittart and Stephen Fitzpatrick.

Concerts during Orlando Festival 2021:
August 13 Afternoon concert/masterclass Aula Minor Rolduc 16:30
August 14
Sint-Antonius Abtkerk Mook 20:00
August 19 Afternoon concert/masterclass Aula Minor Rolduc 16:30

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