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European Summer Course for Chamber Music

The Orlando European Summer Course for Chamber Music (OESC) aims at bringing together the most talented young chamber musicians in the age range from 18 to 32 years. A shared common interest in European cultural heritage and a constant striving for excellence are important conditions to participate. OESC wants to raise interest in, and quality of, European chamber music life as well as to inspire the next generation of musicians and audiences.

OESC focuses on the broadening of knowledge and experience in several diverse aspects of classical music life. This includes lessons, open masterclasses and workshops in musical topics, such as HIP (historically informed performance) in relation to the standpoints of the present performance practice, as well as in useful techniques like efficient rehearsal methods, knowledge of ways of learning, and how to manage physical and mental stress.

OESC goals are:

  • offering intensive talent development on an international basis
  • raising interest for chamber music
  • protecting and promoting European cultural heritage
  • raising the public interest for this heritage and its performance practice
  • stimulating transnational exchange of music culture
  • promoting European integration amongst participants, teachers and audiences.

More information about lessons and enrollment can be found on: .

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